Blazing success stories?


Hi all,

New member here. I am a Seth reader of about ten years, on and off. I was wondering if anyone here has any stories to share about how they’ve put the Seth material to beneficial use in their lives.

For my part, I am currently working through The Nature of Personal Reality and feeling very much empowered by the process of confronting my beliefs. I have much more work to do but feel especially thrilled about allowing my less desirable/negative thoughts to be what they are and play themselves out so that I can examine them honestly and respond to them properly rather than pushing them off to the side (from where, of course, they nag me relentlessly!). Seth talks about how negative thoughts and beliefs can’t simply be papered over with positive thinking. By allowing those negative thoughts their space, they change, and become something else more manageable. Seems obvious right!? I’ve been using this to confront some pretty big issues and I’m amazed at how freeing this simple shift of perspective has been.

If anyone has a success story to share or insights from their practice, I would love to read all about it.


Hi, Mel,

Thanks for writing. I first read Seth teachings in the late 1970s, and The Nature of Personal Reality is my favorite. I have read it again and again (the original paperback that I bought in 1978). When I read that book back then it totally and permanently changed my perspective on everything. It was an incredibly positive “ah ha!” experience that opened me up to examining the reality of life – and the most important thing is that we are making that reality. The perspectives I have gained through reading Seth have helped me in a million ways, and nearly every day, in fact. One big thing is that I was able to examine and appreciate the dynamics of why I became ill with a life-threatening disease a few years ago, and why and how I got through it okay.

It has always frustrated me that I have never found anyone who finds the Seth teachings compelling in any way. Sometimes I feel that I am out in the fresh air seeing the sun rise, and everyone else is stuck in the moldy cave and afraid to go out. However, I discovered Buddhism about 12 years ago, and found that there is much in Buddhist philosophy that tracks with Seth (Truth is Truth after all). Buddhism is all about community, which is a fantastic thing. So now I have friends who are open to looking into the “nature of personal reality” in their own ways within (more or less) a Buddhist framework. I see Seth’s teachings as being a next step beyond where Buddhism has taken people so far. What is great these days is that some of the most popular Buddhist teachers are delving into discussions of quantum physics and modern psychology and looking at how these sciences track with Buddhist thought, and how Buddhism can be informed by scientific discoveries. It’s fun to see how the world is operating and how it can be made better by us individually and collectively. Best wishes to you.


Seth talks about Buddha several places in the material. I have memorized the truths 8 fold path and virtues, it is very helpful.


I have been a Seth reader 39 years. I got out of jail and hitchhiked out of that city. Today 25 years later I own property and buildings and I am a landlord. Keep reading it does get better.



Hi, Mike, Thanks for your message. I have read some of Seth’s references to the Buddha. Very interesting stuff. Best wishes.


Hi AuroreEaton,

Oh wow, that book must be such a treasure for you. A little paper talisman.

My first Seth book was a borrowed copy of Seth Speaks. I was immediately fascinated and started gathering the material as I came across it. I’ve kept the concepts near and dear for years but it’s only recently that I’ve felt compelled to sit down and get to work on adapting myself to live the concepts. This is now my first reading of The Nature of Personal Reality and I’m very pleased with it and my efforts.

I feel your frustration on finding other Seth fans in “real life.” As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most compelling picture of reality available. And the most fun. My husband is an atheist / materialist and has an excellent knowledge of physics for a layperson. We talk extensively about the Seth material and I’m constantly trying to translate the ideas into terms he can relate to. It’s so much fun and I’ve often watched his eyes widen in wonder and excitement but at the end of the day he has no interest in reading the books. Ah well. What is marriage but a long, friendly debate? :wink:

It is nice to hear that Buddhism is able to satisfy your desire for community. I too am interested and excited by the work that has been done bridging the gap between Buddhist practice and scientific research. If I may ask, Is your relationship to Buddhism much complicated by your overarching belief in Seth’s teachings?

Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks Mike,

I will definitely keep reading and I’m excited to have found this access to other people who take the material seriously. As someone who also had a tumultuous start in life, I’m very glad to hear of your success.

I’m working though Nature of Personal Reality right now. I was thinking of reading Nature of the Psyche next, followed by Mass Events - any other recommendations? Thank you for your comments.


memorizing your favourite parts of the material helps keep it in your mind
here is the link to my memorized Seth material posted on this site. it definitely helps.


Hello. I found great comfort and hope in the Seth material over the course of the books I read in difficult times. Recently, I feel I have been in contact with my higher self and spirit guides and realize that I identify so much more with Jane and Rob than with Seth, which makes sense when considering that Seth, Rubert, and Joseph are a level up from ‘me’. Contemplating helping my higher self (identified as Barcaldine) create his reality for ‘Brian’ and all of the other multi-timeline personalities has really helped me let go of my perceived failures.