Do we create our own health?

Seth tried to explain that Jane needed to change her eating habits to promote her health. She didn’t listen and ended up dying of cancer I think.
I know we create our own reality, but can we create our own health if we follow blatantly unhealthy diets?
At the end of the day, are we a product of what we do or what we think? I know that what we think makes a difference, but are we tied to the physical when we are after all, physical?
Can you have extreme health if you consume extreme junk food?

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Hi there! Jane passed away from complications of severe rheumatoid arthritis and a thyroid gone awry, I believe.
The Way Toward Health is the Seth book that describes Jane’s decline…

Here’s a quote from Nature of Personal Reality that might begin to answer your specific question about junk foods (and health foods for that matter): "You are what you think, not what you eat—and to a large extent what you think about what you eat is far more important…The best diet in the world, by anyone’s standards, will not keep you healthy if you have a belief in illness…A belief in health can help you utilize a “poor” diet to an amazing degree.

As always with the Seth material, your experience is always the result of your thoughts/thought patterns and beliefs/belief systems.

Nice to meet you, Whirled!


On one hand you have belief which is undeniably a powerful thing. On the other hand you have the physical world we live in and the limitations that presents. So I am curious as to what other people experience.

I mean, we can’t defy gravity or re-grow a limb, right? So belief aside, we are still bound by some fundamental laws of the world we live in. To that degree I wonder how much is belief and how much is just inevitable physical reality?

I guess I wonder if it is “sky’s the limit” or if there are physical limitations. I wonder what other people are experiencing more so than Seth quotes, as we have all read the books, but what are we all experiencing? I would love to compare notes.

Nice to meet you too Chris!

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Your inquiry sounds much like mine here:

My initial post rambles a fair bit and I’d suggest you skip it, but since you’re asking about food it might actually apply this time.

You are believing that the physical world is actually physical when there is much pointing to the fact that it is not. In video games we only render the part of the game world the person is playing in at that moment. If you understand the observer effect in quantum mechanics in our world things are just energy waves until they are observed then they become particles. Strikingly similar isn’t it. This is why many people believe we live in a virtual reality.

It is my view that consciousness is creating the reality. We are like a small ripple in an ocean, we are part of the ocean and yet have our own identity within it. There are quite a few physicists now that also have this view.

The issue here is you have to truly believe something before it will happen in our world and with most people believing we live in a physical unalterable world they cannot believe because all their conditioning and teachings says otherwise.


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Hi Chris,
Yes, that old post you made did indeed answer my question. I have manipulated reality many times, but find it is so much easier when I am not flustered by the particular reality I am trying to manipulate.

As for weight and health issues. Yes it makes sense that our beliefs will create certain physical responses. A belief in insulin resistance will trigger that response.

I just went Ultra Purist Vegan. I am noticing many health changes and benefits. I thought that was odd as "how could anything physical really effect my world, but it makes more sense that it is my underlying belief in what is healthy and what isn’t. I have always felt badly for the animals and how they are treated as they become our food. That right there would explain many things.

Seth, in trying to get Jane to connect with certain foods and eating habits to change her health, was more likely trying to get her to connect with what her beliefs were around health, more so than the actual food itself. Still, there are some foods that seem much more vibrant and energetic than others. But more powerful than those foods is belief in those foods.


Hi Alan, I love your analogy. I have many experiences that support that thinking. It is just so easy, sometimes, to bump up against a wall and think, “dang that hurts, this physical stuff is pretty real.”

All part of being physical, I guess.


Hi Chris,
What is the Seth Exercise that you studied to evoke your change in beliefs? A lot of people talk about Seth Exercises and I am not sure what they are referring to. Is it a specific workbook or are these gems just tucked away here and there in his various books?


Check my Actionable Seth reminders and Knowledge I find particularly helpful. I actually need to do some updates to answer that question better, but this is my quick 10 second response.

HI Chris,
Thanks, those were very helpful.


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